Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hormones for Hogs to Prevent Boar Taint

There is a new “treatment” called Improvest being offered to hog producers that claims to prevent boar taint in meat without having to castrate male piglets.  Boar taint is an off/gamey smell and taste in the meat of un-castrated pigs.  Improvest claims to eliminate the boar taint without castration and it is comprised of Gonadotropin Releasing Factor Analog-Diphtheria Toxoid Conjugate.  I had to look up what that meant. 

Gonadotropins are hormones so this appears to be a treatment that causes the male hogs to produce and/or release hormones they would not otherwise have in their bodies.  There are no approve growth hormones for pigs yet somehow the FDA has approved Improvest.  The article claims that the only reason it is not more broadly used right now is that meat packers don't trust that it will eliminate boar taint and thus still won't accept un-castrated hogs.

The FDA claims to be protecting consumers yet approves something like this without much research.  I just read where estrogen in full fat cow milk was being attributed to an increase in mortality in breast cancer survivors...what happens when Gonadotropins are present in pig meat?

You can read more at:  The Pig Site

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