Thursday, June 3, 2010

Small Farmers React to Pending Legislation

There was a good article today on the Health Freedom Alliance blog regarding the pending food safety regulations and the response from small farmers. You can read the whole post here.

People understand that small farmers are not creating the food safety problems and don't lack for traceability! When you buy lettuce from a small farm you don't need a paper trail to tell you where it camee from. And if you get sick you know exactly who to go back to - and the authorities know exactly which people (the farmer's other dozens of customers) may be at risk. Contrast that with commercial Ag where produce from dozens and even hundreds of locations are co-mingled and one contaminated source can ruin all the produce and sicken hundreds of people.

It is also really a shame that this legislation is going to outlaw one of the most environmentally important farm management practices - namely the use of animals in conjunction with crops to provide weed control, clean up, pest control, and natural manure. One hundred years ago this was the norm then big Ag got away from it due to specialization, mechanization, and chemical controls. We have been seeing the affect of those changes in our soil quality, water pollution, disease, and super-pests. Small Farmers are leading the way back to this practical, natural solution yet now it seems like that trend will be nixed. Anyone else see an odd co-incidence here?

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