Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tainted Beef - They Claim They Did Not Know

It really amazes me when our government agencies throw the "dumb card" and think they can get away with it. The latest card trick is playing out after an audit report reveals that beef with high levels of antibiotics, pesticides, and heavy metals is commonly sold to the public. Geez - they act as if they did not know that commercial farming practices involved high antibiotic and pesticide use. And they also would lead us to believe that no one in the commercial food industry had put two and two together - that our regulating authorities could brag about testing for some of these substances and attest to the "safety" of our food....but that assurance was extremely misleading because there are no established limits for these chemicals that would identify them as "unsafe".

Mark my words - USDA is going to use this revelation (and some delusional logic) to try and re-enact their crazy NAIS program. NAIS will not get rid of the practice of using these chemicals nor will it require the establishment of limits nor will it increase the testing of meat in packing houses. NAIS just monitors who owns what animals. How about we get them to dedicate some of the millions of dollars they want to spend on NAIS and provide more meat testing and more options for people to get certified meat from local (and humane) sources.

You can read more at the USA Today - Growing Concern over Beef

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