Monday, April 27, 2009

Industrial Hemp Farming Act

The ban on the production of industrial hemp - not the "specialty crop" you are thinking of! - is one of the biggest political mis-steps ever forced on us by government. Hemp is not the potent "specialty crop" people are familiar with. Its an amazing fiber and food crop that is used for oil, seends, paper, cloths, cosmetics, and even alternative wood fibre. It was grown here in the US with the blessing of our government until the 1970's.

Currently we have to import hemp - and its used in a variety of products. Most telling, its approved for use in food here in the US - thus debunking all the hype about its relation to its high THC cousin.

As a farmer I would like to grow hemp to make paper, hemp oil, and high protein feed for my animals. There is very little THC in it - a person cannot get "high" on it. You can press it for oil and still have a very high protein meal left to feed animals - a meal that is an excellent substitute for soybean.

I am very thankful to Congressman Ron Paul for introducing HR 1866 the Industrial Hemp Farming Act. And I urge like minded folks to write their Congressmen and Congresswomen urging them to support this legislation. Let's not import hemp - let's let our US farmers grow it to make fibre, paper, and food.

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